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Joe Morelock and I are presenting a podcasting workshop at this year’s NECC. Here are some links to various things we mentioned:

Podcast examples



I’ll update some more after this afternoon’s session.

If you want to catch a lot of great content from this year’s NECC, make sure you subscribe to Conference Connections. This is the podcast channel that has taken all my attention away from my own podcasting for the past 6–9 months or so. I’m really stoked that we’re the official podcast channel for ISTE. We’ll be recording at least 25 sessions (including the keynotes) plus as much other content as we can assemble.

If you can’t make it to NECC, or even if you want to expand your NECC experience, you can subscribe to Conference Connections in iTunes by clicking here.

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Heck, you can even tell people you don’t like all that much.

NECC here I come

20 Jun 2007

7:16 a.m. Ugh. That’s a bit earlier than I like for air travel departures. But at least I have several days of interesting conversations and endless audio editing to look forward to.

NECC is back and in Atlanta this year. I’ll be doing two identical half-day workshops (Podcasting—The New Voice for Learners) with a fellow ADE and all-around cool guy Joe Morelock from Oregon. In addition, I’m leading a team of Apple Distinguished Educators who will be producing the official NECC podcast channel on behalf of ISTE.

I’m really looking forward to NECC this year. Every year there are more friends to meet and greet. I’m very impressed with how ISTE continues to embrace blogging, podcasting, and other forms of web publishing. ISTE is really way out in front on this stuff compared to any other conference I’ve attended in the last couple years. They’re even getting on board with a systematic approach to Technorati tagging courtesy of Steve Hargadon.

See you there.

TIES time again

28 Nov 2006

It’s that time of year again. The TIES Conference starts this Saturday and runs through Tuesday. I’m doing a day-long workshop called Podcasting A–Z that should be a blast. We’re going to cover the full range of podcast production techniques including recording, editing, and publishing. I’m also doing an updated version of the Web 2.0 talk I did at NECC and a new one called “Open Source Tools You Can Use.”

For the record, I encourage all conference-goers to use the “ties2006” Technorati tag.

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I had a great time on Thursday afternoon recording an episode of my podcast in front of a live audience.

My first guest was Sonny Portacio, geocacher and Director of Technology for the Escondido Union High School District. Sonny has been doing a ton of work with geocaching lately. He’s created a wiki site for collecting lesson ideas at and a weekly geocaching podcast at We talked about geocaching and how it can be used in schools.

I also talked to Jeff Utecht of The Thinking Stick blog and Utecht Tips. Jeff has been teaching in Shanghai, China for the last year and we talked about the state of blogging in China and how he’s using blogging with his students there.

All in all I had a great time recording the podcast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to watch and participate.

Download: The Savvy Technologist Live! (17.1 MB, 37:17)

I had a great time presenting at NECC on Wednesday. I captured the audio (albeit in a low-quality version) and attached my Keynote slides as an enhanced podcast. I’m also linking to a pure audio MP3 version in case your computer can’t handle AAC-encoded media.

I posted the links for my talk previously, so please have a look there for details.

Download enhanced podcast with Keynote slides: Introducing the Read/Write Web (27.7 MB, 56:32)

Download audio-only MP3: Introducing the Read/Write Web (25.8 MB)

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iPod ideas

6 Jul 2006

I gave a half-day workshop this morning on iPods, iTunes, and podcasting. We generated a pretty good list of ideas for uses of this technology in classrooms and schools:

  • Collect field notes during a science field trip
  • Living museum, researching characters
  • “Radio shows”
  • Creating audio guides for local museums
  • Teacher powerpoints
  • Early language learners, (rhyming, etc.)
  • Staff development
  • Screencasts
  • Language learners recording assessments
  • Discovery Education videos
  • Science reports
  • Art projects
  • Digital portfolios
  • Weekly classroom news
  • Serial storytelling
  • Reflective journals
  • Summaries of school events
  • Broadcast school sporting events
  • Roving reporters
  • Capturing oral histories (family history)
  • Podcast vocab words and spelling lists
  • Flashcard practice with iFlash
  • Musical compositions
  • Soundseeing tours

A lot of these ideas could be applied in different subject areas around the school.

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Whew! Wednesday was crazy busy at NECC. I’m exhausted. If anyone reading this will be around the convention center late on Wednesday afternoon, stop by Room 31B from 5:00–6:00 for a live Savvy Technologist Podcast. One of my guests will be Jeff Utecht of The Thinking Stick blog. Jeff is teaching in Shanghai China these days at an American school. We’ll chat a bit about the state of blogging and educational technology in China. The rest of the program is still coming together. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

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