I’m no professional developer, but I have the occasional itch that can only be scratched by hacking some code together. I feel most comfortable with Python though I haven’t kept up with some of the recent enhancements to the language. I’ve done some PHP lately, and I’ll probably do more of that in the future. Most recently I picked up a bit of AppleScript for some system automation tasks. If I were a real geek I’d learn C and write my own linux kernel device driver.

With all of that in mind, here’s a collection of software that I’m making available to anyone who’s interested. Feel free to contact me via email or Twitter with bug reports, feature requests, and million-dollar offers to buy the rights to my software.

NoteScraper (beta)

This is my most recent project and is written in AppleScript. Its purpose is to export the notes and highlights you save while reading a Kindle ebook to your local computer so you can organize the information in some other form. Note: It doesn’t take the notes and highlights from the Kindle device directly, but rather from Further note: You need a Mac for this.

There are two versions:

NoteScraper for EvernoteDownload
Exports your Kindle notes and highlights to Evernote. When you run the script you’ll be able to enter a series of tags to be applied to all of the notes. You can also specify an existing or new Notebook as the destination for your notes. Installation instructions are included in the download.

NoteScraper for OmniOutlinerDownload
Exports your Kindle notes and highlights to OmniOutliner Pro. All of your annotations will be saved as an outline in a new document. Only OmniOutliner Pro is supported right now while I work out a way to make it worth with the non-Pro version too. Installation instructions are included in the download.


Twitterator is a web site that allows you to follow a bunch of other Twitter users all at once. It’s pretty cool, but Twitter’s recent change to require OAuth for user authentication leaves Twitterator out in the cold until I can make the necessary modifications. If you know a PHP or Ruby on Rails programming who’s interested in a small contract programming job, please have them contact me. I’d like to get Twitterator back online soon because a surprising number of people use it regularly.

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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! However, I don’t use either OmniOutliner or Evernote–I use DevonThink. I know nothing about Applescript, but my understanding is that DevonThink has great support for it. Would you consider creating a version of NoteScrapper for DevonThink?

  2. Another request for a DEVONthink version of NoteScrapper.

  3. I, also, would like to see this work with DEVONthink.

  4. Nick Putman 9 Oct 2010 at 8:27 am

    Trying out the OO Pro version on 3.95, and can’t get it to work. New document is created, but nothing in it.

  5. Hannu Rajaniemi 27 May 2012 at 4:10 am


    This is exactly what I have been looking for! The OmniOutliner version works brilliantly. However, when I try the Evernote version, it keeps crashing the Evernote client. Has there perhaps been a recent update that has broken the script…? Any help would be much appreciated.

    kind regards,

    — Hannu

  6. Yes! Another request for a DEVONthink version of NoteScrapper.

  7. Hey,

    Great script! Thanks for putting it out there.

    Minor edit, but the dialog box that opens when you run the script has “Candel” instead of “Cancel”.


  8. are you planning to update notescraper for Mountain Lion OS…it does not work with it now…

    • Having trouble using NS with Mt Lion too.

      • The problems lie with lines 67, 70 & 71. For a minimal fix, just to grab highlights, change line 71 to:

        set theHighlights to getHTMLElement(kindleHTML, "", "", true)

        • Sorry — the code tag messed with my comment. Line 71 should be:

          set theHighlights to getHTMLElement(kindleHTML, “”, “”, true)

        • WordPress is messing with my comment. Line 71:

          set theHighlights to getHTMLElement(kindleHTML, “”, “”, true)

          replace [backslash] with \

          • Hi Mike,

            couldn’t get it to work fine with this. Does not get an error msg either, but simple does not anything (if I choose seperate notes) or just displays some book information in a new Evernote note (if I choose all in one).
            Any help?

            Thanks, C

  9. I’m no Windows so I couldn’t use an AppleScript solution.

    Instead, I found a program online (Klippings, not to be confused with Klippings Kollector) that did almost everything I needed but had tons of bugs and needed some extra features. Fortunately, the code was open source so I was able to make some singificant upgrades and have packaged it into a Windows installer (OSX and Linux not yet available).

    You can read the thread here:

  10. Matthew Bostock 15 Jan 2013 at 6:49 am

    You could also use Readmill:

    We have a bookmarklet that easily syncs over your Kindle highlights and books, so you can store them permanently (and view them in a beautiful way at any time!)

  11. Curious if there’s been any success using this with Mountain Lion. Whether I use OO3 or comment out that line in the script to force OPML file, I get a blank file. I tried editing line 71 (though I’m not sure I did that correctly since all three comments by Mike show me the same code though he stated his code was getting changed when leaving comments.) Also curious what Amazon page should be scraped. When I go to highlights, and select my highlights for a book, a pop up window is created. Am I supposed to run the script then?

  12. Jason Davies 12 Apr 2013 at 4:43 pm

    I’ve erratically used this, and loved it, but I think Amazon have changed things — you can’t get access to the page you relied on any more. If you know a workaround, do please update it! But either way, thank you for sharing this — really handy. (And I never quite trusted them, but would have been happy to be wrong, sigh….)

  13. Hi Guys,
    I’ve been using methods like this and ClippingsConverter for a while to extract my Kindle Highlights into a summary for re-reading later. Finally the process of downloading myclippings.txt got too much for me and I created an automatic system to download your highlights directly from

    Downloaded Kindle Highlights Example
    Life Learner – download your Kindle Highlights straight from

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