Improved Flickr: Now with video!

9 Apr 2008

Seen on TechCrunch:

Heads up YouTube, Flickr announced today that it has added video capabilities. Note that for now only Pro subscribers can upload video. This was just in time for me, because I was trying to decide how I was going to share a short video that I took on my recent Hawaii vacation of the “Sensitive plant” (Mimosa pudica). Problem solved! I just uploaded it and added it to the collection of my vacation photos. The video plays seamlessly alongside my photos and integrates really well with the whole Flickr experience.

I’ve never felt like jumping into YouTube in a big way because I just don’t shoot that much video. This new Flickr feature is perfect for me. I’ll be really curious to see if it takes off. By the way, I shot this video with my new Canon G9 digital camera. It takes amazing still pictures, and the video is really impressive too.

4 responses to Improved Flickr: Now with video!

  1. I think I’m going to like this feature for similar reasons. I use youtube for my more detailed video and this will serve me nicely for video I shoot with my still. Unedited for the most part but fits along nicely with photos. Flickr described them as “longer photos”. I think they’d do well to continue to limit them to 90 seconds. I’d actually be fine with 30 or 60.

  2. I think the “longer photo” idea is just perfect. Now that I have a still camera that shoots great video, I can see myself posting a few short clips to my Flickr page fairly often. The way they’ve implemented it seems to complement the whole Flickr aesthetic really well.

  3. We call them TickleMe Plants in the USA. I am going to try my new video camera out. Need to find a source for the seeds and then I am ready to try some of the ideas on Flickr

  4. Way to go Flickr…although I’m not sure anything will replace YouTube anytime soon.