Tim 1, Marathon 0

7 Oct 2007

My biggest fansI did it. My finishing time was 4:45 which I’m pretty happy with considering the brutal heat. I’d hoped to finish closer to 4:15, but it was 80°+ with a dew point near 70° and I knew that I’d have no chance of going that fast. What weird weather. It’s not supposed to be like this in Minneapolis in October.

I had planned to run in a pace group that was going to come in at around 4:15, but I got the starting line late and I started quite far back near the 5:30 group. I passed the 4:30 pace group after about three miles, but I never did see the 4:15 group. I was right on pace at mile 15, but the heat started taking a toll soon after. I had to do some walking over the last 10 miles, but I finished strong. Luckily the last mile is pretty much downhill. Feel free to check out my marathon photo set.

My knees are a bit sore, but otherwise I feel good. Tomorrow morning will be the true test. I’m planning to wear my marathon shirt to work tomorrow. I hope it looks OK with khakis.

Top three signs seen along the marathon route today:

  1. Caption on large Homer Simpson cutout: “You paid to do this?”
  2. Donna, don’t die!
  3. You’re a freakin’ springbok, dude!

17 responses to Tim 1, Marathon 0

  1. Okay, you are insane! Running a marathon sounds awful to me. But I do want to send you kudos and congratulations. It’s a major achievement even if it’s crazy to run that far. LOL You should wear the shirt no matter how good or bad it looks with the work pants — you deserve to! I just hope you can get out of bed in the morning. I’m sure if you have trouble those 2 cute little boys will help drag you out. 🙂

  2. Congrats! I was watching near my home in Minneapolis near Lake St (Mile 17-ish). What a death march in today’s weather. My wife ran the 10-mile, which got done early enough to not be quite as bad.

    My next marathon is the Marine Corps at the end of this month in DC. I’m hoping for much better weather.

    Congrats again. It’s one heck of an accomplishment, as you now know first hand.

  3. Wow! Way to go Tim, I couldn’t imagine running a marathon, maybe on my bicycle, and even then I’d have to think twice! Congratulations, you should be very proud of your great accomplishment.

  4. You did it! Heck, the next one will be a breeze compared to yesterday’s conditions! Congrats, Tim! Way to go!

  5. Doug Johnson 8 Oct 2007 at 7:59 am

    Congratulations, Tim. A great accomplishment!

    Thanks also for you participation on the panel at MEMO. You were great, as always.


  6. Dianne O’Brien 8 Oct 2007 at 8:12 am

    Congratulations, Tim! I can’t imagine running a marathon in the first place, but you certainly picked one with killer conditions. You wear that shirt proudly!

  7. Way to go Tim! What a great accomplishment.


    You are a lean, mean, running machine.

  9. Congratulations! As I was listening to the news, I was worried about you. Not only did you finish, but still in pretty good time. Now hydrate! Awesome job!

  10. Congratulations! I’m glad you weren’t running in NYC. I hear there that the most oft heard saying was, “Runner down!”

    That’s quite the accomplishment. Savor the moment – and drink plenty of fluids!


    You deserve it. What an inspiring story of hope and courage.

  12. Terri Osland 9 Oct 2007 at 2:23 pm

    After I heard that you finished the marathon, I celebrated by going out and getting myself a large Wendy’s fries. Nice job!

  13. You’re the bionic man, dude. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  14. good job done, congrats!
    Dude, you are cool!

  15. Nice job on finishing. I had a buddy I went to College with at Bethel University and he ran his marathon there in Minneapolis this year. He said it was pretty brutal, and talking to him a couple nights ago he says he can still feel some pain in his knees. He hasn’t fully recovered. Anyway, quite an accomplishment. Good job.

  16. Good for you! It was likely one of the worst TCM days ever- I was so happy to see that you made to the finish. Hope you are now fully recovered. So when is the next one???

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