The marathon challenge has arrived

5 Oct 2007

Some of you probably know that I’ve been training for the Twin Cities Marathon. The big event is on Sunday, and I find myself more curious than anything else about how everything will turn out. I’ve put in my miles: 540 miles of training since May. All that’s left now is to line up and run… and run… and run. I’ll post some after-race thoughts and photos sometime next week.

3 responses to The marathon challenge has arrived

  1. Good luck, my friend. Happily, I’m only rowing in a 5 mile race this weekend. I’ll be thinking of you when I’m finished having a beer knowing you’re still slogging away.

  2. Tim, you looked great this summer when I saw you! Kudos to you for losing some weight and taking on this challenge. I need to do the same!

    I’m not going to wish you luck ’cause I know you’ll conquer this challenge like all the others. Bravo!

  3. Charlene O’Brien 6 Oct 2007 at 11:21 am

    Tim-read your blog as part of a blogging course I am taking. Caught your post about the marathon! I ran this race in 1985 and it was one of my favorites. It is absoultely the most beautiful course, as advertised. Best of luck on the last 10 mental miles…you will do great! Your miles are behind you…only have to run and enjoy.