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20 Jun 2007

If you want to catch a lot of great content from this year’s NECC, make sure you subscribe to Conference Connections. This is the podcast channel that has taken all my attention away from my own podcasting for the past 6–9 months or so. I’m really stoked that we’re the official podcast channel for ISTE. We’ll be recording at least 25 sessions (including the keynotes) plus as much other content as we can assemble.

If you can’t make it to NECC, or even if you want to expand your NECC experience, you can subscribe to Conference Connections in iTunes by clicking here.

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Heck, you can even tell people you don’t like all that much.

5 responses to Spread the word on Conference Connections

  1. Tim – Thanks for all the work you are doing with the podcasts from NECC. I will be attending in Atlanta but later I will be able to catch up with all the sessions I was not able to attend. I have listened to many of the previous Conference Connections podcasts you have done – it is great professional development while I’m mowing my lawn here in Liberty, Missouri. Hope to have the chance to run into you at NECC. Thanks again.

  2. Don’t forget to tag this post NECC2007 so David Warlick’s hitchhikr gets it in the feed. I’m going to share your information!

  3. Tim, it was great chatting with you and Steve about the DEN today.

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