Learning games for the iPod

26 Apr 2007

Apple just released a new game for the iPod called iQuiz (iTunes link). It’s got four built-in games, but the potentially cool part is the ability to create new quizzes for it.

I’m not sure iQuiz is a compelling enough reason to buy an iPod on its own, but it’s a slick bonus if you’re already working with them in your school. There’s already a collection of user-contributed quizzes collecting at the Apple Learning Interchange. I think I’ll plop down $0.99 for iQuiz so I can give it a try.

My big question at this point is whether you can distribute iQuiz quizzes in a podcast feed. Anyone tried it yet?

One response to Learning games for the iPod

  1. I just created http://www.iquizlibrary.com for those that are making iQuizzes to come together and submit them all to one place. I can’t wait to see how everyone uses this new technology from Apple! It will be an exciting thing indeed.