IL-TCE: Introducing Web 2.0

1 Mar 2007

Here are links to all of the sites I’ll be mentioning in my talk at IL-TCE on Thursday and Friday.


Google Maps mashups

Tag searching



Update: I popped into Steve Dembo’s presentation to hear what Web 2.0 apps he’s using these days. Here is his top10freesites wiki.

3 responses to IL-TCE: Introducing Web 2.0

  1. It was a great presentation Tim. Thank you. I am glad that you mentioned outreach to parents, since this is one direction that I have been focusing on at school. Parents, us middle aged people who are caught in the middle of this storm, do not always have the tools necessary to deal with our children and do not understand what we as forward thinking educators are trying to accomplish.

  2. Super job, Tim! I’m amazed at the quantity of information you were able to deliver to us…and the way you showed us the seamless techniques for incorporating Web 2.0 into our activities. Keep up your sterling efforts!

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