Conference Connections podcast goes live

24 Jan 2007

I’m working on a new podcasting project that I’m excited about. “Conference Connections” is a new podcast channel hosted at the Apple Learning Interchange. I’m at FETC in Orlando right now getting ready to record sessions and other interviews from the conference. I’ll be at TCEA in Austin, TX in a couple weeks doing the same thing there.

The Conference Connections page at ALI has all the information about the channel including a chance to rate each episode and leave comments. Our goal is to capture some of the best content from ed tech conference throughout the year. I’m thinking of it as IT Conversations for the ed tech market.

Here’s the RSS URL for the podcast. Click here to see the podcast info and subscribe in iTunes. I hope you’ll give the podcast a listen and that you’ll find something really interesting.

3 responses to Conference Connections podcast goes live

  1. Hope you are enjoying the ‘LOVELY’ weather we are providing for you here in Central Florida ;p .

    I’ve focused so far on hitting all the podcasting sessions that I can as I can say that that is the web 2.0 application that I’m the weakest in. I sat in on David William’s demonstration of Garageband to be very entertaining and informative. As a new MAC convert from the PC I never knew how easy it was to podcast. Makes using Audacity, even though it to me is a very well done piece of software, seem obsolete.

  2. Tim-
    Kudos to you. I am, of course, excited to hear the Alan November podcast … but, can’t seem to do that? Are you still in the process of editing? I created an account, but don’t seem to be having a bit of luck.

  3. Tim —
    I loved the interview with Bill Nye. As a former science teacher, I appreciated his comments about science teaching, and teaching in general. I’m also jealous, as Bill was always one of my heros.