ISTE living on the cutting edge

11 Jan 2007

I got the following tidbit in an email from ISTE today.

*Visit ISTE on MySpace*

Known to most people as the premier social networking site, MySpace is home to tens of millions of users. People of all ages use this free service to communicate with one another through pictures, videos, blogs, and discussion groups.

ISTE recently established its own MySpace presence. Check out our profile at and then stay tuned as we populate our blog (be sure to subscribe), send out useful resources through bulletins, and create groups to better serve our members. We look forward to seeing you there!

*ISTE Establishes Headquarters in Second Life*

Second Life, a multi‑user virtual environment (MUVE), is becoming a popular venue for online learning. Along with 18 other educational entities, ISTE recently built its Second Life headquarters on EduIsland, which provides a space for educators to network, collaborate, and learn about education opportunities and best practices in Second Life.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. ISTE is either really pushing the envelope here or quite out of touch with the average ISTE member…or both. I haven’t logged in to Second Life in several months, but maybe I’ll pay EduIsland a visit.

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2 responses to ISTE living on the cutting edge

  1. I wonder if when ISTE members gather together in Second Life, they will still be required to stand in very long virtual concession lines, as we do at most of the first life venues… 🙂

  2. I’m just glad that ISTE is, in fact, a 23 year old girl. That helps explain (a bit) the popularity of Alan November…