TIES: Reflections on a trip to China

5 Dec 2006

Beijing High School to Join the Lake Conference? Well, not quite yet.
John Currie, Eagan-Apple Valley-Rosemount Schools

John Currie is superintendent in one of the largest school districts in Minnesota. He attended China recently on an official visit with a number of other education leaders. This talk is about his reflections on the experience.

Eight traits for world class schools from the Superintendents Forum:

  • There are many academic roads, but all are rigorous and all lead to higher education.
  • Educational investment starts early.
  • Learning takes as much time as it takes.
  • Great educators have great support.
  • Data and research affects teaching and learning every day.
  • Funding is predictable and sufficient to produce world class schools.
  • Services for students with special needs emphasize outcomes not processes.
  • Global citizenship is a core academic subject.

Tons of really cool photos and many points related to the traits mentioned above. (Way too many to type on the fly.) It’s clear from Superintendent Currie’s talk that there are many outstanding schools in China, but he points out, too, that there are many millions of kids in China that don’t attend school at all. We can admire the Chinese for their dedication to educating students to be globally competitive, but we have to remember that they have a long way to go to reach the universal access to public education that we’ve achieved here in the U.S.

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