Open source tools you can use

4 Dec 2006

Here are the links for the open source tools that I mention in my talk at the TIES Conference.

Update: Here are a few more links to products that came up during the session.

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  1. Hi Tim, Hope you’re warmer down there than we are in Duluth. Brrr.

    Don’t forget Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. I think it’s real helpful for people to realize that some open source apps are becoming very mainstream. Many times they don’t even realize they are using open source but they are. Later. Barry

  2. Oops. I forgot to link to those. I did mention them in the session. So, everyone, check out Firefox and Thunderbird. You might as well try Sunbird while you’re at it.

  3. Tim,

    Loved your sessions. I wanted to mention some excellent client/server image publishing software: JetPhoto Studio. I don’t think it’s OS, but is freeware. The way you can take an album of photos and create a Flash presentation from them is excellent.

    Of course, this list of open source software can go on and on and on, but your list covers 95% of the stuff I’ve found, use, and enjoy, so I must be smarter than I think. 😉

    Thanks for your presentations.

  4. Tim,

    Thanks for the informative session. I went in already knowing quite a bit about open source, but I was still able to take away valuable information that I did not know.

    I also want to mention a program called Tux Typing that seems to be a very well done beginner typing application to go with Tux Paint.


  5. Josh, thanks for the Tux Typing suggestion. Someone asked me after the session about open source typing tutors, and I couldn’t recall the name.

  6. Thanks for coming to the sessions, Jesse. JetPhoto Studio looks pretty cool.

  7. Tim,
    My colleague sent me the link to your blog before you presented at the conference. I meant to post a reply to your request and was not able to due to the filter at our school (I teach high school English in Ohio). I’m giving a similar presentation at our state K-12 technology conference in February. This link: is to a folder at my web site that has almost the same list as you (thanks for the additional resources!), with a few others. Check it out.

  8. I want to learn photoshop at home with internet. what do I do?