Flickr makes geotagging easy

4 Sep 2006

It looks like Flickr has started expanding its features by integrating more tightly with its parent company Yahoo!. They’ve recently added the ability to geotag photos by dragging and dropping onto a Yahoo! Maps interface. Once you’ve got some photos geotagged you can see links to all your photos on a map and find other photos that were taken in the same vicinity. I’ve just started playing with it, but you can check out my photo map to see how it works.

I can imagine a science teacher using this feature to help document a field study. Wouldn’t it be cool for a group of students to take photos around their town and post the resulting map on their school’s Web site? You can explore all of the geotagged photos at the Flickr Map page or zero in on a particular tag. For example, if you were studying butterflys with your students, you could show all of the geotagged Flickr photos tagged “butterfly” and do a world tour of butterfly species.

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One response to Flickr makes geotagging easy

  1. Flickr geotagging interface is brilliant, but the big problem are Yahoo Maps that only cover well US and Canada. Flickr interface is not designed for accuracy, but for massive geotagging, what it can be perfect for some uses and users, but not for others.

    If you prefer Google Maps instead of Yahoo Maps for mapping your photos and you care about accuracy, our project, Panoramio, may be interesting for you. Btw, you can later watch the photos in Google Earth KML feed,