Conflicted about my beat

31 Aug 2006

I haven’t posted much this summer. I guess it’s a combination of a new job, a good bit of travel, and a general need to take a bit of a break. As I consider getting back to it I find myself conflicted about my “beat.” This blog isn’t too focused anyway, but I’ve largely stayed away from the IT side of educational technology and focused more on the curriculum side instead. My new job as a Director of Technology means that I’m doing a lot more IT work than I used to. As a result, most of my thoughts about technology lately have had more to do with servers, software, and tech support.

So what does it mean to have a “successful” blog? Is it the number of readers? The personal reflection that happens in the writing process? There’s no one answer, of course, but part of the measure for me is my perception that what I write here is useful to the people who read it. (Except for my mom. She’d probably read this if I blogged about early 20th century monetary policy.) I hope that I can write about IT and technology in the curriculum and avoid alienating readers.

I guess I’ll take the chance. So stick with me as I add the geeky filling to the curriculum crust. I hope it will turn out to be a delicious combination.

6 responses to Conflicted about my beat

  1. 10-4.

    You are still in my top 25 Educational Technology blogs!

  2. As much as I’m involved in the instruction side of technology, there are times I still like to geek out. 🙂

    Just keep it interesting and I’m not sure the topic matters.

  3. I miss your podcasts. I was addicted to them. I travel a lot too and You and Wes allow me to stay current and lurk in on what’s happening in tech integration. Please continue…

  4. Add the geeky IT stuff. I would love to learn more about that side as I hope to one day become a tech director at our school. Can it happen? Can a techie geek English teacher get a job as a tech director? Do I need another degree or does on the job (or necessity) training count? Keep up the good work.

  5. I would love to hear more about the IT side of things. It is a need in our schools and districts. We have a long ways to go! I look forward to hearing more and learning how our school and district can do it better.

  6. Brandi, I don’t think you need a special degree to be a tech director. In fact, many districts prefer their IT folks to come from the teaching ranks. It wouldn’t hurt to spend some time with the geekier side of technology though. You definitely need to be familiar with servers and networks.