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6 Jul 2006

I gave a half-day workshop this morning on iPods, iTunes, and podcasting. We generated a pretty good list of ideas for uses of this technology in classrooms and schools:

  • Collect field notes during a science field trip
  • Living museum, researching characters
  • “Radio shows”
  • Creating audio guides for local museums
  • Teacher powerpoints
  • Early language learners, (rhyming, etc.)
  • Staff development
  • Screencasts
  • Language learners recording assessments
  • Discovery Education videos
  • Science reports
  • Art projects
  • Digital portfolios
  • Weekly classroom news
  • Serial storytelling
  • Reflective journals
  • Summaries of school events
  • Broadcast school sporting events
  • Roving reporters
  • Capturing oral histories (family history)
  • Podcast vocab words and spelling lists
  • Flashcard practice with iFlash
  • Musical compositions
  • Soundseeing tours

A lot of these ideas could be applied in different subject areas around the school.

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7 responses to iPod ideas

  1. Hello,
    What do I have to do, to make an audiobook file appear on the audiobook folder on my iPod?
    I didn't get it how does it work.
    Is there a special extension for audiobooks, because I've tried to convert to ACC (tutorial on this forum) but it didn't work.
    Please, help me.

  2. Hi everyone.
    What's a good alternative to the IPOD?
    I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a good MP3 player that is comparable to the IPod but WITHOUT they hype and price tabe to go with it.
    I was at the apple store a few days ago, and really liked the new 40GB or 80GB IPods that also show video, but was wondering if I could get the same kind of funcationality without that heftly price tag.

  3. Isiah, I’ve never listened to an actual audiobook on my iPod. If you can get it into iTunes then it will get synced to your iPod.

  4. Wow, that’s a lot! Great post!

  5. At least, techs for the purpose of entertainment can be of use in academics. Great list you have; these ideas are rich.

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