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4 Jul 2006

Here are links to all of the sites I’ll be mentioning in my talk at NECC on Wednesday (and even some ones I probably won’t have time to mention). I’ll post more once I’m done.


Google Maps mashups

Technorati searching


Update: The podcast of this session is here.

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  1. Don’t forget that a lot of bloggers are ALSO using NECC06. I had to set up my aggreggator to track both of them. It would be nice in the future if conferences would come up with a standard.

    I am not attending, so I”m attending virtually through my aggregator and David Warlick’s hitchhikr site.

    I hope that you will post a podcast of some of your work.

  2. There is another mashup with Google Earth that we use in my district. You can combine Google Earth and United streaming. Here is an abbreviated tutorial.
    1. Login to United Streaming
    2. Find a movie related to a location that you might be studying at this time. (e.g. If you students are studying the Grand Canyon)
    3. Copy the link of the movie
    4. Launch Google Earth
    5. Go to the Grand Canyon
    6. Right click on the title of the place and choose edit
    7. Cut and paste the whole URL into the space provided.
    8. Save the file or you can save a folder of places. I personally did one of the top 10 historical places in the US and then put it on a shared drive so my students could go to the places in Google Earth and then see video related to it. It has been a big hit across the district!
    Hope this helps.

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