Here in San Diego

4 Jul 2006

My family and I arrived in San Diego last night, and I’m busily putting the final touches on my presentations for this year’s NECC. If you’re interested in seeing a session that I’ll be doing, check out one of the following:

  • Introducing the Read/Write Web: Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications, July 5, 2:00–3:00, Room 6D
  • Learning To Go: The iPod in Education (workshop), July 6, 8:30–11:30, Room 15B
  • Savvy Technologist Podcast, July 6, 5:00–6:00, Room 31B
  • Making Podcasts in the Classroom, every day, Apple booth

I doubt I’ll be making it to many other sessions this year. Stop by and say hello.

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