Bernajean Porter: Digital Storytelling, Part 2

18 Apr 2006

It’s been a long time coming, but the second part of my podcast series on digital storytelling is ready. My guest for the podcast is Bernajean Porter, a writer, speaker, and digital storyteller. I heard Bernajean present last October at the T+L Conference and blogged about it.

Bernajean picks up where the first episode with Joe Lambert left off. We talk about some of the resources available on Bernajean’s DigiTales site, and she gives some great tips for teachers who are interested in trying a digital storytelling project with students. Check out her Digital Storytelling Camp page for links to specific documents that she mentions.

I didn’t have the cleanest Skype connection for this recording, and you’ll hear some distortion in Bernajean’s voice. The distortion isn’t too bad though, and the podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Download: STP-BernajeanPorter-1 (17.9 MB, 38:50)

5 responses to Bernajean Porter: Digital Storytelling, Part 2

  1. Been waiting for this! What’s in store for part 3?

    I took Joe Lambert’s workshop last summer at the National Gallery of Art’s Teacher Institute, “Digital Storytelling and the Visual Arts.” It was amazing. Serendipitously, tomorrow I begin teaching an inservice class in my district. Think that I will give them all some homework – to listen to your podcasts.

    Thanks for these great podcasts. I have been missing the ed tech coast to coast as well.

    Linda Brandon
    Director of Instructional Technology
    Lakeland Central School District

  2. Part 3 of the series will focus mostly on assessment of digital stories. I’d assembling a panel of teachers who have used digital storytelling in their classrooms for the 4th and final episode. Stay tuned!

    By the way, I’d love to take questions from the audience. If anyone has a text or audio question, email to Audio questions work really well. Just do a quick recording and email it to me as an attachment.

  3. Brian Reilly 20 Apr 2006 at 9:30 am

    I enjoyed this podcast and part 3 sounds like it will be equally interesting. One question — isn’t the left brian/right brain dichotomy pretty much a myth from the 1960’s which has been disproven by more recent research?

  4. Brian – I don’t think the left and right brain 1960s studies (Roger Sperry et al) have been found to be a total myth as much as these early conclusions were just too simplistic and generalized. I would love to reflect on the recent research you are referring to in order to check my assumptions- please refer me to your sources so I can “catch up” with your readings for a continued dialogue. Maybe I have missed something in the latest round of publications.

    Recent studies I believe still conclude that there are definately different left-right functions but we are beginning to understand that more dimension and complexity exists in the operation and cooperation of these functions than believed earlier. It is an interesting side-bar that so much of our brain research has been stimulated by a generation of scientists interested in artificial intelligence.

    For me – after the science talk – is the higher goal of cheering on classrooms to include whole-brain tasks – multiple intelligences and a range of learning styles. Our present classrooms have very narrow bands for teaching / learning and demonstrating understandings AKA assessment. I have met so many many successful adults who still feel branded as failures because their brightness was not demonstrated the”school way.” And the national epidemic of bored students – the high percentage of compliance learners – 9 out of 10 drop outs who were making passing grades but couldn’t find school a place worth staying in tells me we are not reaching our students. In the interview I just wanted to bring attention to the listeners that working in the different mediums offers a chance to expand the learning styles along with exploiting affinity (Melvin’s Levine’s – The Myth of Laziness) in classrooms.

    Thanks for a great question!!! It gave me a good morning thinking.

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