Aaron Doering: Adventure learning in the Arctic

3 Feb 2006

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually picture -40°F and roving polar bears when think of the perfect classroom. But for Prof. Aaron Doering and the rest of the GoNorth! team, spending a few months in their arctic classroom is the perfect way to connect with millions of school children from around the world.

Aaron is a proponent of adventure learning, and the GoNorth! team is putting the concept to the test this spring for the second time during a trek from Circle, Alaska to Prudhoe Bay. They’re calling the trip “GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2006” and along the way the team will be interacting with native peoples, exploring environmental issues, and providing an amazing learning opportunity for any student, teacher, or parent who signs up at their Web site.

It’s not too late to sign up at PolarHusky.com and participate in this year’s trip. There is a ton of free K–12 curriculum at their site that cuts across content areas and will really draw students into the trip and the issues it raises. If nothing else, at least take a look at the huskies. If you and your students check out the site, the frequent trip updates via text, audio, and video will keep you coming back.

Download: STP-AaronDoering (29.5 MB, 39:26)

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2 responses to Aaron Doering: Adventure learning in the Arctic

  1. Thanks, Tim–great show! I listened to it on my run this morning. It was around -10 C this morning in Beijing as I headed out. Minus ten is enough for me. There’s no way I’d be out at -40 like Aaron Doering and his team!

    I’ve spent the last two days reviewing my school’s science and social studies curriculum. Your show has inspired me to have another look at the curriculum to see how Aaron Doering and the GoNorth’s team project can fit with what we do.

    Thanks again.


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