The Podcave (an update)

24 Dec 2005

I posted a while ago about my new podcasting microphone, but I thought I’d post an updated photo of the podcave. If you click through to the photo on Flickr you’ll be able to see some additional information about the equipment. The new gear includes a Heil PL-2 boom, Electro-Voice RE20, and Model 309 shockmount.

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  1. I see you are using a G4 laptop. What software do you use to record and edit? I am having a terrible time getiong Audacity to recoginize an external mic, even a powered one. I am not sure if my problem is with the configuratiuon of Audacity or the lap top. My goal is to interview community colege faculty about teaching and learning with technology and I would like to simply truck a laptop and pair of mics to their offices to do the recordings. Any advice for getting my hardwarer and software to go along with my plans? Thanks.

    P.S. how is the job hunt going?

  2. Rich,

    If you look above the screen of the Powerbook you’ll see a small black Marantz recorder. That’s what I use to record. I don’t trust my laptop (or any laptop for that matter) as a recorder. I don’t want to be in the middle of a big interview and have something crash. Having a separate recording device mostly eliminates that problem. Are you using something like an M-Audio USB interface? That’s probably what I would do so I could use better mics that tend to have XLR connectors. So if you record on your laptop, I’d be tempted to keep it as simple as possible and record with Quicktime Pro directly in AIFF. Then you could dump it into Audacity for post-production.

    P.S. The job hunt is progressing nicely. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  3. I’m working on our technology plan. Is there a spec list out there somewhere of what you have/recommend. I’d like to price a good one as we plan and discuss what we want to do.

    Really kewl as my students would say.

  4. Check out for some good podcasting gear recommendations. In particular, the “Podcast Systems” links are good for getting a sense of how much you might expect to pay for various classes of equipment. Check out and check out my photos on Flickr. I’ve added notes to each to tell you the model numbers and approximate cost.

  5. Tim,

    Thanks for all of the broadcasts that you do. I really look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    I have been a longtime listener (relatively) of The Savvy Technologist. I have posted podcasts through Podcast Maker software. I am looking for an easy way to do it.

    All that I want to do is figure out how to use a blog to publish my podcasts. As it appears right now, the only way to do it is to
    1) Upload my audio file to a web accessible server
    2) Post the URL for the audio file to my blog
    3) Go to some RSS site like Feedburner where I will enter the atom address and it will create the podcast enclosure that can then be published. This means that I have to deal with 3 different sites.

    Isn’t there an all-in-one answer? It would be best if it was free.

    Thanks for your support.

    Leigh Zeitz
    Cedar Falls, Iowa

  6. Hi Leigh,

    You can definitely get a one-stop podcasting solution. I would take a look at LibSyn ( You can get an account there very cheaply and it includes a blog interface to your podcast. If all you want to do is publish a podcast, that should do it.

  7. Reading all these comments is so purely wholesome. Tim is so extremely helpful to go into great details with anybody who is starting out in podcasting, especially. And, to those who are veterans, Tim provides a voice of reason, never wanting to force anybody into sinking a fortune on a wagon load of expensive gear. Quite to the contrary, it’s refreshing to see Tim encourage readers and listeners to find solutions that work and stick with them, all the while improving the quality of our craft and our work.

    Hats off to Tim Wilson for a job well done in this blog and on The Savvy Technologist podcast!

  8. I do a podcast with my friend. For all of our shows we use one headset that either of us holds. It works ok but i really want a mixer. I am recording on Podcaststaion. We dont use Adacity because we like to have soundbytes at our fingertips. My question is will a USB mixer work with Podcaststaion. If not what should a get

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