AdSense on the Savvy Technologist

28 Nov 2005

I’ve been curious about Google’s AdSense program for a while so I installed the AdSense plugin for WordPress and signed up. I have no illusions about making any money from this, and it’s the last time I’ll mention it on my blog unless something really interesting happens. I guess I’m just impressed with the overall system and the fact that there are bloggers out there making a living from their online writing.

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3 responses to AdSense on the Savvy Technologist

  1. I clicked on it once. Send me half.
    I will say the ads are not intrusive and if it helps support a blogging habit, why not. Disclaimer: Check with a spouse before starting a blogging habit!

  2. Tim,

    I have no shame, and I copied your Adsense incorporation as closely as I could. Why do my own ad layout when you’ve done such great work?. Here’s to our early retirement 😉


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  1. BraimeeDotCom - 4 Dec 2005

    Out with the shoutbox, in with the ads(?)

    Hey ya’ll, my pal Tim intrigued me to try out Google Adsense. Like Tim, I expect to make roughly $0.01 on this, but it’s worth a try. I’ve tried to incorporate the ads as unannoyingly as possible, and from what I read of the Adse…