Comic Life: A talk with Robert Grant and Cris Pearson

18 Oct 2005

I discovered Comic Life last April and blogged about it. Since then we’ve installed Comic Life on over 1,000 computers in my school district, and our teachers are finding new uses for it every week.

Robert Grant, head coder, and Cris Pearson, UI designer, were good enough to chat with me about Comic Life via Skype recently. We talked a bit about how Comic Life came to be, tossed around some interesting ideas about educational uses, and even heard a bit about some upcoming features. On a technical note, I think the recording turned out pretty well considering that I’m in Minnesota, Robert lives in Charleston, SC, and Cris is in Australia.

Feel free to post questions about the podcast or Comic Life in general in the comments. Cris said that he’d be happy to monitor the comments and respond.

Download: STP-ComicLife (15.8 MB, 34:09)

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6 responses to Comic Life: A talk with Robert Grant and Cris Pearson

  1. Great interview!

  2. What a cool product. Got it on Demo at the mo but will buy a full license this month. My daughter loves it and finds it dead easy. She has printed some of and taken them to school. Her teacher has asked me to bring my laptop in and let the class play. to bad most of the school here in the UK are on windows. Perhaps this is just the nudge they need.

  3. Does it work on windows?

  4. Sorry, OS X only. Comic Life is cool enough that you should probably buy a Mac just to run it. 🙂 –Tim

  5. PC have a similar product called Comic Book Creator…demo available

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