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It seems to be an epidemic. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. That’s the primary reason that I haven’t been writing much lately. Trying to keep my head above water has left precious little time to reflect on my own practice as a leader or to be out looking for the kind of cool Internet applications that I love so much. Something has to change.

I bought a copy of Life Balance a few months ago and I like it. But I’ve always felt like there was a bigger system missing that I needed to make significant progress on getting and staying organized and working at peak efficiency. Lots of people on the Life Balance forums seem to be devotees of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. I bought the book and plan to spend the next few days going through it and posting my thoughts.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Anyone else using the GTD method? (That’s what the faithful seem to prefer calling it.) To be fair, I’m probably overemphasizing the “system” part of this from what I’ve read. One of the things that attracts me to the GTD method is that it doesn’t require buying a particular planner or using a specific piece of software. It can be molded to fit whatever tools you prefer using. Check out the low-tech Hipster PDA to see what I mean.

This should be an interesting adventure.

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I discovered Comic Life last April and blogged about it. Since then we’ve installed Comic Life on over 1,000 computers in my school district, and our teachers are finding new uses for it every week.

Robert Grant, head coder, and Cris Pearson, UI designer, were good enough to chat with me about Comic Life via Skype recently. We talked a bit about how Comic Life came to be, tossed around some interesting ideas about educational uses, and even heard a bit about some upcoming features. On a technical note, I think the recording turned out pretty well considering that I’m in Minnesota, Robert lives in Charleston, SC, and Cris is in Australia.

Feel free to post questions about the podcast or Comic Life in general in the comments. Cris said that he’d be happy to monitor the comments and respond.

Download: STP-ComicLife (15.8 MB, 34:09)

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