IT Conversations is a must hear

10 Nov 2004

My commute isn’t awful, but 30 miles and roughly 45 minutes each way is probably a little longer than average for the Twin Cities. At least we have outstanding public radio here. In the weeks since I discovered podcasting I’ve been mixing the MPR listening with various podcasts and have come to appreciate the IT Conversations podcasts most of all. A short list of some of my favorite IT Conversations sessions includes presentations by Steve Wozniak, Wil Wheaton, Malcolm Gladwell, and Janine Benyus; interviews with Bruce Schneier and Phil Zimmermann; and fantastic panel discussions from Gnomedex 4.0, PopTech!2004, and Bloggercon III. The content on IT Conversations alone justifies the price of my iPod.

So how about the educational conferences? I’m presenting a workshop and a couple sessions at the TIES 2004 Education Technology Conference in December. I think I’ll record my presentations and podcast them. Wouldn’t it be great if educational conferences started embracing this? How could this technology be used for professional development in a school district? What if someone recorded short interviews with master teachers and made them available as podcasts? What a great way to share knowledge among teachers.

One response to IT Conversations is a must hear

  1. Educational conference podcasts would ROCK! I’d love to have feeds from Merlot, EduCause, NMC, and any number of others… I look forward to hearing your sessions in December!